About us

At Top5Hosting we provide free web hosting consulting, advice, reviews and news about the website hosting industry in the UK. Unlike any other of the host reviews sites out there we try to evaluate and test each hosting company and provide accurate information for our readers as well as tips on how to find the best web hosting for their business.

We have decided to start the Top5Hosting website after working in the web design industry for 10 years and providing consulting and development for clients we had access to a lot of hosting providers and from experience we know what to look for in a hosting plan and why choosing a good host is one of the most important foundations for a successful online business.

The team


George G.

George is a full stack developer and internet marketing expert with 7 years of experience developing websites.


Anton T.

Anton loves designing beautiful interfaces and working with Wordpress and is passionate about the new technologies, cloud services and cloud hosting.

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If you want to send us a card for Christmas, you can do it at 413, Thomas Court, Three Queens Lane, Bristol, BS1 6LF

or drop us an email at office [at] top5hosting.co.uk

P.S. If you are looking for the best hosting solutions in Germany, make sure to check top5hosting.de

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