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There are many important factors that must be visited before you actually make a decision of going for a web service provider and the growing number of such service providers in the market just makes the choice more difficult. Earlier, every company will claim to offer to you, the best services at the most affordable prices. Unfortunately, you can never be sure about any of their claims without some firsthand experience, which could turn out a wrong decision if they do not deliver what they promised.

Dataflame delivers an impressive array of services – shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated managed hosting.

There are four plans for shared hosting, and the difference from US web hosts is that the company does not offer allegedly unlimited bandwidth or disk space (which are not really unlimited, because there is always a limit). They are being honest about their plans and offer disk 3,000MB, 25GB of bandwidth, one hosted domain, 10 parked domains, 10 MySQL databases and unlimited subdomains for  £ 3.99 a month (with the other shared hosting  plans being even better).

VPS hosting is also really cheap – there is a basic package, VPS Entry (with 20GB of disk space, 50GB of bandwidth, 20 domains hosted and unlimited emails accounts, parked domains and MySQL databases) – worth just £14.99 per month.

Dataflame also offers dedicated managed hosting (with Enterprise Grade Dell servers, 10GB networks and 2008 Windows servers) for £99 a month.

If you are disappointed in US web hosting or much of your traffic is European, you might consider UK hosting, since their native language is also English. Dataflame is one of the web hosting providers worth considering – they are based in Dorset, UK and operate a state-of-the-art data centre in London (and also have servers in the US).


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  · 7 years ago.
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The Web site seems to be OK but my mail has been up and down several times before being finally lost and restored leaving me with a headache. I needed access to an email from a few weeks ago so I could contact a supplier but was unable to find it as everything more then 2 weeks old had been erased. When I complained the staff were rude and arrogant, I would like to see them behave like that to my face, if that sounded like a threat it was, that's how angry I am with them. I have tried to leave them but they want me to pay them to take my business away from them. I have been asking for details of their regulator and they ignore me. STEER CLEAR OF THESE COWBOYS!
None left!
They charge you to move away from them.
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