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 iPage has been hosting business, personal, social and non-profit websites for more than 10 years. That's why iPage offers a great deal of flexibility, without overcomplicating things.

iPage all-inclusive hosting packages are designed to make building and maintaining an online presence easy and fun. Even their most basic plans include , loads of free marketing credits to get your website at the top, easy to use site-building tools and incredible customer support.

With an iPage account, you’ll also have your own Account Manager. These specially trained professionals contact you when you sign up, and help guide you as you set up your account and begin building an online presence. But customer service and ease of use is just the beginning with iPage. Read on to learn more about features and technical details of their hosting service.

Your Website

You have so many options when it comes to creating your website. To give you the freedom you need to create an online presence that reflects your brand or personality, iPage support all of them.

From online site builders to software — such as Expressions or Dreamweaver — to blogging applications to writing your own code with HTML, you'll have the access and support you need to create a great website.

iPage also offers :

  • A site builder that offers more than 100 templates—with more on the way
  • Quick Start guide and tutorials for beginners
  • Partnerships with industry leaders, including Google, Verisign and ShopSite
  • More than 20 easy-to-use scripts and applications

Your Email

What most people don't realize before they create their websites is that email is actually one of the most important services their web host provides — it is the communication lifeblood of business and organizations today.

To that end, iPage performs extensive throughput testing to make sure mail is sent and received rapidly, and that our spam filters are effective.

iPage also offers our customers unlimited mailboxes and forwards, the latest version of AtMail, extensive spam management, and upgrades into Exchange hosting for larger organizations.

Security for You and Your Visitors

The iPage network is locked down. For obvious security reasons, iPage can't divulge too many of the details, but our pooled structure, firewalls, database lockdowns, encryption practices and overzealous system admin team have created an environment that is extremely secure.

Designed to quickly detect security breaches, our NOC (network operations center) is fully equipped to lockdown any security holes as soon as they are apparent.

iPage has also incorporated the SiteLock security suite — at no additional cost. You can:

  • Activate daily malware scans that will protect visitors from picking up viruses and other exploits that hackers may have placed into your website
  • Use spam scanning to steer clear of spam lists and ensure your email is not being blocked
  • Get your domain verified to prove to visitors that your site is legitimate and is not involved in any phishing scams
  • Post a security badge on your site, so visitors know that your site security is being tested regularly
  • In addition, our unique pooled structure delivers better reliability and performance than the more traditional (and we believe) less reliable server-by-server structure most hosts offer

iPage Energy Efficiency

iPage has reduced its carbon footprint by purchasing enough Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), to offset our energy use by 200%! That means:

  • The servers, offices and data centers supporting your website are completely powered by wind energy
  • Your website is eligible for our Green Certificate, included with the iPage Green Badge
  • For every KWH of energy we use, we purchase twice that amount in ECs, which is equivalent to planting 244 acres of trees
  • Your business can benefit from your own green marketing campaign

This commitment will allow 3,319,480 kWh of wind energy to enter into the national electricity grid from 7/1/2011 until 6/30/2013.*

Anytime Money-Back Guarantee

If you're not satisfied with iPage, they will give you your money back. No questions asked, no time limits. Cancel at any time, and they'll issue you a refund for the remainder of your current payment term. It's like a warranty that never expires! Plus, during the first 30 days, iPage will refund your hosting fees in full.

Customer Satisfaction at iPage

Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we're confident that you'll be pleased with our services:

  • how easy it is to set up a website
  • friendly, 24x7 phone support, based exclusively in North America
  • SiteLock's state-of-the-art security suite

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