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After a thorough review CooliceHost made it to the top of our list of the best web hosting companies for your UK business. Its a relatively small company made from webmaters for webmasters so every client gets a special treatment, they use top notch servers with SSD drives, CPanel on the backend, DDoS protection, only 4ms ping from London and at CooliceHost they support the latest technologies like PHP7 and LiteSpeed that can double your site performance.

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Speed and reliability - with an outstanding ping of only 4ms to London and 99,982% uptime of the servers for the last year CooliceHost shows some great stats. Your content is served from SSD drives and they support the latest technologies like PHP7 and LiteSpeed that can double up your site performance. Thus said, you can be sure your content will be delivered very fast to your UK users 24/7.

Security - All CooliceHost's services are well-protected. The account blocks every IP address that has 3 unsuccessful login request and keep it user blocked within 24 hours. Of course, the client could unblock himself from the client administration of the hosing, but the threater has no changes at all. It is specially made to protect CooliceHost clients from hacks and threats. Another great security feature is the DDoS protection that the hosting provides to its clients. According to the latest statistics DDoS attacks have increase more than 200% in the last few years. And that's why CooliceHost integrated it in their plans. And all of this comes without additional fee. The company also offers Secure VPS Hosting, which you can order from their site using the contact form. This service is on even higher level of security. It is a perfect solution for large companies dealing with sensitive information.

Backups are made twice a week. The hosting focuses on speed, security, easy Cloudflare CDN integration, advanced antispam protection, in order to increase the client experience and achieve better performance.

Support - CooliceHost provides 24/7 support by competent inhouse tech staff that is there to solve your problems. You can reach the tech, billing and marketing department via the ticketing system, mail, phone. The best way to get your problem solved is by using the ticketing system from the client area on their website. In this case, the problem is quickly moved to higher level sysadmins if necessary. The average response time is around 10 minutes and since its backend is very user friendly you will need to contact support like once in 6 months but if you do need them, you can be sure that the advanced tech team will help you no matter what.

Hardware - CooliceHost uses HP, Dell and SuperMicro servers, with Intel E3 and E5 CPU, Intel Enterprise Class SSD drives, colocated in Tier 3 datacenters, meaning that meets or exceeds all Tier 2 requirements, has multiple independent distribution paths serving the IT equipment, all IT equipment are dual-powered and fully compatible with the topology of the site's architecture and has concurrently maintainable site infrastructure with expected availability of 99.982%. All servers has DDoS protection and software that blocks unwanted requests to your sites.

Scalability - CooliceHost offers shared web hosting and VPS hosting to it clients not only on a monthly basics. If you order a plan for a long period of time, you will get a discount. The longer the period is, the bigger the discount. Every plan can be paid on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually subscription.

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time from the administration panel (from Webmaster Mini to Webmaster, Big Dog, Big Dog 2 and the other way around), depending on your needs. Or you can choose the next level solution - VPS Hybrid plans, if you fell you need more power. Once you log in into your Cpanel you can see for yourself the power of those SSD servers.


SSD Nginx Hosting - The standard SSD web hosting plans that CooliceHost offers are Webmaster Mini, Webmaster, Big Dog, Big Dog 2, they are all different in disc space, CPU, number of domains, number of data bases and DDoS Bandwidth. For example, the smallest Webmaster Mini plan (€2.98 per month) comes with 2 GB SSD, 5/15 MySQL Databases / Connections, 2 Hosted Domains, 200 GB DDOS Bandwidth, cPanel, Unlimited Emails and much more. It is perfect for starting a company website, blog or an e-shop.

VPS Hybrid plans - Apart from normal shared hosting, CooliceHost offers hybrid plans like VPS, but it is a shared hosting in its nature. VPS Hybrid plans, also known as Semi-dedicated, are basically shared hosting using the resources of a VPS. It is a wonderful solution for those, who do not have the knowledge, time and money to run and manage real VPS. The smallest plan is LSV VPSh 512 (it comes from LiteSpeed Varnish Virtual Private Server Hosting, and 512 it the used RAM on the plan) has 1 x vCPU @ 2.0 Ghz, 512 MB RAM, 15 GB HDD, LiteSpeed, cPanel and much more. And it comes only at €4.98 per month. The plans are perfect for already developed and running websites, generating huge amount of traffic, allowing them to load even faster comparing to the standard hosting plans. All VPS Hybrid plans are flexible and adapted to any kind of business no matter of its size or the resources it needs.

All their plans with the most recent info you can see here.

Test results

We have uploaded a demo Joomla e-commerce site on one of CooliceHost's shared hosting plans and have tested it for you. Below you can see the results. Make sure you click the pictures for more detailed view.

CooliceHost Test 1

Subject: Cache: Plugin is disabled HTTP Server: LiteSpeed http/2 Enabled PHP Version: 5.5.25 / 7.0 Zend Opcache: Enabled

Results PHP 5.5 + ZendOpcache 257ms PHP 7.0 NG + Zend Opcache 112ms

If your scripts supports it, PHP7 can double up the site performance.

CooliceHost Test 2

LiteSpeed vs Nginx vs Apache

In this test you can see the difference in the performance of the main web servers in requests per second.

CooliceHost Test 3

Check-host results that show a super fast ping from the UK - 4.4ms

CooliceHost Test 4

Pingdom test for speed performance from their Amsterdam server.

As you can see, the Joomla e-store loaded 94% faster than the other tested sites with 94/100 performance grade.

CooliceHost Test 5

A stress test from LoadImpact that shows an even load time even on high users at the same time in your site.

Even with 25 users browsing different pages, the load time is equal to all of them. Those are some very good indications.


To sum it up, you need to check the guys at CooliceHost. Inhouse tech staff, state of the art servers, high level of security, very fast response time to your UK users, latest technologies and all that comes to a great price. Here you can see their plans and if not sure what exactly is that you need, get in touch with them, they also provide consulting and can direct you to the best hosting solution for your UK business.

If you need more info and options, just get back to our homepage and see the other Best UK web hosting companies that we have reviewed for you.

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I am SEO specialist and I have two clients on I have to say that the service is on realy high level and is better than many Big worldwide companies that are famous.
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