SSD vs HDD for hosting and how it affects your site speed

How important is IOPS for web hosting?

Web hosting performance can be measured by anyone of several metrics - total disk space and bandwidth allowance perhaps being the most common examples.

This is a useful approach as it helps to define the boundaries you'll be working in as a hosting customer, but they don't provide information about how quickly you can perform a particular task or the overall speed and responsiveness you experience. For this, we'll need to focus more on the hardware specifications and management of the hosting server itself.


17 Ways to Optimize Your Hosting Space

A problem that many web developers face is that they are running out of disk space that has been provided by their host. The thing is that we often get attracted by the “unlimited web hosting” that is being provided to us, while we don’t see the small GBs being provided to us. We see the web disk quota grow smaller by the second while the space that is being used increase rapidly until it reaches that God awful 100%.

However, don’t go along buying yourself an upgrade as there are many different ways in which you can optimize your hosting space. The following list should be quite helpful in creating space on your web host for your website as it contains 17 different ways that you can do so:


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