Boost your site speed with HTTP/2

In the modern web, every millisecond of your site performance counts. It depends on your website structure, but from tests performed by CloudFlare and LoadImpact, your site can benefit from 20% to 200%+ increase in speed from switching to the new HTTP/2 protocol. This test illustrates the difference in speed when loading a page with multiple requests.

HTTP/2 is a binary protocol that uses only a single connection per server. It delivers a faster TLS performance, supports greater security and simplifies your web apps. It is an excellent solution for the most sites and CMS like WordPress. If you want to speed up your site further, we got 33 more tips here.

You will not benefit from HTTP/2 if your web app mostly serves large, downloadable files or media streams. In this case, you probably don’t want TLS, and multiplexing doesn’t provide any benefit when only one stream is in use.

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