The new .uk top level domain launches in June 2014

Nominet is prepared to launch the new .UK TLD in June 2014. They claim it will boost the business in the UK and will make the domain names shorter, more focused on the business and easier to remember. They claim 84% of the people in the UK consider buying and looking for information from more reliable. However, since already 93% of the UK businesses use, this means that for them it will be an additional cost. If you own the you would buy the .uk because you don't want it to be bought by your competitors. On global scale, this means £50 million per year in additional costs for the UK business. However we recommend that you go to your favorite register and pre-order your .uk domain name. Our choice for .uk registrar is

The launch of the new top level domain .UK is scheduled for 08:00hrs on 10 June 2014. You can pre-order it now or you can think about it and do it later, since the reservation period for existing customers who already have a,,,, or runs up until 07:59hrs on 10 June 2019. This means that if you own any of the other domains now, you have 5 years registration right to get the .UK name as well and then it will be available for the public.

How the .uk reservation works

Here is an example. If all of the other TLDs name are free, then on 10 June 2014 you can purchase the .UK domain. If someone owns then he has the right to purchase for 5 years. If and are both taken, the reservation right go for the current owner. On this link you can check the reservation rights for a .uk domain

How much will the .uk cost?

From Nominet they say the wholesale price will be the same as the domains: £3.50 per year for single year registrations, £5.00 for two year registrations and £2.50 per year thereafter for multi-year registrations. However they use various registrars and the retail price may vary since it can be combined with another hosting service. When browsing online, we consider that a price of £5 for a .uk domain is reasonable.

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