Separate Domain and Hosting - UK Hosting Tips Part 1

Edit: here is our indepth domain buying guide that can give you detailed information on domain buying and domain registrars.

Domain names don’t have to be registered with your hosting company.

Don’t take this the wrong way, this isn't implying that your current web host is not trustable. It’s more about finding a dependable and trustworthy registrar right from the start. After all, your domain name is your online identity, the most expensive and irreplaceable asset while hosting services are just there to accommodate your website.

A lot of people would register their domains with the same hosting company for the sake of convenience, you can manage the domain and the hosting with one login and the support staff of the hosting company will make sure everything is configured the right way.

Here are the reasons tho that we would recommend that you keep your domain and hosting accounts separate:

- with the right register you can store all your domains on one place and manage the DNS records faster

- if you for some reason get mad at your current hosting provider, you will want to move to another hosting. If your domain is in a separate register, you just have to change the DNS records. If you have it with the hosting, you will have much more trouble and it will slow down the process of moving, since you will have to transfer the domain too.

- enhanced security. If your hosting account is hacked, the hackers can transfer your domain too and it will take a long time to prove you are the rightful owner, in which time the site will not operate and you will lose money and credibility.

So we recommend if you decide to buy a domain, do to GoDaddy, they are a register and with a coupon code you can buy a .com domain for as low as 2$ a year and register your site with Siteground - they are an outstanding web hosting provider for the UK area. You can also read our reviews about them: Godaddy UK Hosting review and Siteround UK hosting review.

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