The second best time to get your .london domain is now!

The best time to get your .london domain was on 9th of September 2014 when the register opened for the public. The second best time is now. Here are the reasons why:

  • Associate your business with London and show your customers that you do business here.
  • A shorter, memorable domain that links you directly to London.
  • Increase the click trough rate of your site in the search engine pages of searches in London.
  • Rank higher on Google results pages for your business niche keywords.

How your .london domain affects your Google rankings?

As we mentioned above, your shorter memorable domain name will increase your authority and click trough rate. This will affect positively your search result appearance. But the higher value of that domain is the external links that your domain will get. This will boot you to the top results. But how?

Google target spam links with the same anchor text, but they love the brand text. Now imagine if you have 500 links that say Dentist in London with your url, you will get penalty for sure. But if you build brand links, like and they link to your url, you make both - targeted keywords and brand links in one. This is the power of the new local .london tld.

We have made the research for you and you can buy a .london domain name from 1&1 for 19,99p/year and 39,99p/year for renewal. Or you can get it from Godaddy for 41,99usd/year which is about 26,65p/year

Don't forget the UK hosting is also very important for your rankings

Here is a video of Matt Cutts from Google who explains why local hosting matters for your results. To get the best results get a reliable hosting provider. Here is our list of the best UK hosting companies or the top 5 if you are using Wordpress.

Here are some statistics from and Fasthosts on where are the areas with the most purchased .london domains

london infographicdotlondon statistics

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