UK Hosting Challange 2015, Our German version and more to come

You might be wondering why haven't we posted on the blog for a while?

The answer is, out team at top5hosting was extremely busy. In the past 6 months we have helped more than 200 small businesses in the UK the choose the best web hosting company for their project. We have also been contacted with various questions and requests and based on those we have been preparing our new services that will enhance further your hosting experience and make it easier and safer for you to choose the right hosting company.


A lot of people were wondering about the score of our reviews and the transparency behind it. That's why starting June 2015 we will be launching the 'Best UK Hosting challenge 2015'. This will be an annual testing and reviewing of the top UK hosting providers in two categories – UK Shared Hosting and UK Server Hosting (VPS and Dedicated servers). We are going to get accounts with the most reliable companies that fit to out criteria of data center location, support and security and test them with the most widely used platforms – Wordpress, Joomla, OpenCart and Magento. And even better, all those tests will be recorded on video and published in our YouTube channel for more transparency. All the scores will be evaluated and we will create a list with the best performing UK web hosting for each of the platforms and for a global score as well. Stay tuned, the results will be shared with you at the end of June 2015.

We have finished and launched our German version at where you can read all about the best German web hosting companies and reviews. It is in German and with German providers only, so if you are making a version of your site for Germany or you want to expand there, this is the place to find the more reliable companies for that local market.

A lot of people have been asking about a way to search for information on our blog, so we have added that. Just go to any blog post and on the left sidebar, you can find the search at the top and look for any useful information weather it is a hosting colocation, specific UK hosting company review or buying a domain.

In July 2015 we are going to launch our section for the best UK Server web hosting companies and where you can buy a reliable VPS or Dedicated server for your expanding business. There is a lot of demand for a transparent and professional evaluation in that niche that we got from our readers, since most of the server hosting review sites do not list any useful information or a only based on affiliate sales which does not help to the people, searching for hosting service.

Another ongoing project that we have here at is creating a video tutorials with the backend of each of the major UK website hosting provides, so you can make a more educated choice and find help with a click by click video instruction how to manage around the backend, how to upload your files, create and manage your databases and connect them to the platform and how to install the most used platforms like Wordpress or Joomla both from the web hosting company backend or migrate it from your local machine.

The last bit I would like to focus on is our new Free Web Hosting Consulting feature. If you need help choosing a hosting company for your website or in doubt with all the criteria and which providers you can trust with your data, just send a message to our helpful team and we will be happy to answer. You can click here or on the button in the right bottom corner and fill up the information and we will be in touch with you within 24 hours with a few suggestions based on your website demands and business model.

A lot of great things are on the way. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments.

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