The web hosting companies and the limits

When you start your online business or if you are just growing your platform or blog, the shared hosting plan will fit the best your budget and needs. You can start with a small or medium plan and start working on your online presence and marketing. Once your site visitors start to grow though, you will need more resources or to scale to a bigger plan. In this case, make sure you talk with your hosting company about the limits they have on their 'unlimited' plans. The most common are:

  • limit of multiple requests to the server
  • limit of processor or database/mysql minutes
  • limit of web traffic
  • limited number of files(inodes) in the account
  • limited size of the data bases
  • disallowing of hotlinking
  • now allowing hosting of files for download
  • not allowing certain types of web sites
  • deactivating of hosting accounts that doesn't break any rules but 'are too heavy for the server which is with shared resources'
  • deactivation of accounts that use webmail
  • deactivation of accounts that send more than 50 emails per hour
  • limited or no access to cron job
  • invites for getting to VPS or Dedicated servers within a week notice

All the web hosting companies that we list on top5hosting are tested and should provide you with a reliable hosting solution and they have an option for scaling up when necessary. When your website grows though, you might consider buying a UK cloud hosting plan that will guarantee your performance in peaks of users. In any case, your hosting company is very important for the smooth operation of your online business so make sure you make a good research and talk to their sales teams and ask questions before you buy a hosting plan.

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