Online Website Builder or a Custom Web Design?

Designing a website could be a little difficult especially if you are not a tech-savvy person, not interested in programming, or do not have skills in coding. If you are planning to put up a website but do not have enough resources to construct and maintain one, then you should opt for a website builder.

Website builders could be online tools provided by the web host which enable the users or editors to create their own private website.  They could also be third-party computer software that can be used to create websites offline and can be consequently uploaded to the host.  There are also professionals who can be hired for custom web design projects.


Online tools do not call for manual code editing. They are relatively easier to use their present options for customizing the website – may it be for business sites or for personal blogs. Most web hosts require a user to sign up in order to avail this feature though. However, there are some templates that are available all over the internet for free.

Website design software, on the other hand, often requires knowledge about HTML and cascading style sheets (CSS). These are used by professional programmers and web designers. Website design software allow the user to manually edit the direct source code of the website and tweak it the way he wants to.

As in most cases, choosing between online website builders and custom web design software requires research and consideration.  The same is true when deciding to hire a professional web designer and builder.  To be able to maximize the possibilities that these tools offer, you need to know the specifications of the website you want to create and what information or content you want it to have. 

Blogs and other social media accounts that are often for personal use could normally be made using online website builders. For businesses, however, the choice requires a little more consideration of various factors. 

Online Competition

Since today’s world is dominated by technology, businesses should keep abreast with the current trends in marketing. Right now, the best way to increase your market reach is to advertise your business through the worldwide web.

Advertising through the world wide web is not as simple as it seems. You have many competitors, thus, you have to think of ways to make your business or product sound unique to everyone out there. You have to know what attracts people the most.  Use this information to generate interest for your product online. 

Capturing Consumer Interest

Your business website’s design and content should catch your target consumers’ attention.  It is easy enough for website visitors to click away from your site if they do not find anything interesting.  You need to keep them in your site long enough for them to “listen” to what you have to say. 

Your website should be professional-looking.  Online website builders could provide an extensive array of designs in every imaginable theme.  It is the business owner who ultimately decides on a specific theme and design that best matches its professional image. 

Justifying the Expense

One of the most important concerns of a business owner is the expense of any project.  The projected revenues should more than cover the expenses.  In terms of cost, online website builders are far cheaper than hiring a custom web design professionals.  

There are some design services that are already included in your web hosting package.  In these cases, you do not need to pay additional fees just to have your site professionally designed.  You also get to take advantage of professional images and graphics from your host’s library of stock photos. 

Using online website builders or web design software is the least costly solution for those with budget constraints.  The more popular programs are easy and convenient enough to use.  You can create your website with simple clicks, drags, and drops.  You don’t have to learn programming and HTML just to understand what you are doing because all the scripts and codes are already built into the system.  You can have your own website hassle-free and without delay.

Those who have a little bit more in their budget to spend can go for professional custom web design services.  The web designer will customize the elements of the business website according to the specifications provided by the owner.  He will be the one to write the scripts and codes and program all the functionalities that the owner wants to have on his website.  Any updates can also be done by the design professional depending on the service contract. 

Making the Final Decision

There are clear pros and cons to both online web designers and custom web design services for business website owners. Both short term and long term goals should be taken into consideration. It’s not just the pricing that’s important. There are times when it’s alright to pay a hefty sum if the end product can bring in higher revenues and profits.

Other concerns to think about are access and control to the website programming. There should be options for the website owner to update or tweak their site as necessary. There are some web design and programming experts who include periodic updates to their service packages. Online web designers would likewise have tools for website updates.

In making the final decision on whether to go for online web builders or for custom web design professionals, security is also an issue to consider.  For sites that are going to be used for e-commerce, there should be security features installed to ensure that online customers are protected.  The site’s vulnerability to potential hacks and virus attacks should not be overlooked. 

Technical support and troubleshooting options should also be available for business website owners. Custom web design experts usually provide these options as part of their package. Online web design programs usually have help features or customer support helplines. 

The best website builders would vary from one company to another. It is important to take the considerations above seriously before making a decision on whether to go for online web builders or to hire custom web design professionals.  The right decision will no doubt bring positive results to the bottom line of any online business.

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