New UK Law to Force Age Verification on Internet Adult Sites

The UK government is forging ahead with its plans to limit access to adult content online or else face the risk of civil sanctions.

All businesses that gain from making pornographic material accessible online will probably be likely to obey the proposed law, the section for culture, media and sport said, also it'll be prohibited for all those websites to permit anyone under the age of 18 to get that content, it included.

A public consultation on the proposals was opened few day ago, and anyone willing to wade in about the proposals will have until midday on April 12 to do so. It comes following meetings with a number of telcos, professors, internet companies, and charities.

  • Under the proposals set out in the consultation, the government will:

Set a fresh demand in law for commercial providers to get in place robust age verification managements for on-line pornographic content in the UK.

Legislate to establish a new regulatory framework, underpinned by civil sanctions.

We are delivering on our manifesto promise by launching this consultation today, which proposes we require companies providing this pornographic content to ensure they have safeguards in place to ensure those accessing their websites are over 18. Keeping children safe online is one of Government's greatest priorities.Internet and Security Minister - Baroness Shields
Internet and Security Minister Baroness Shields

One of the obvious challenges in all of this will be in delivering a very first place. The British Government is looking to put responsibility on the adult websites themselves, but a government spokesperson told us, that having customers simply enter their date of birth to prove they're 18 or older will not be enough. The obvious fix is to require Credit Card Verification (CVV), but how many people would risk entrusting associated sites with such sensitive private details.


The consultation states that data from ComScore indicates 1.4 million unique visitors to adult sites were under the age of 18 in May 2015.

The Internet Service Providers' Association, which represents some of the country's biggest telcos, welcomed the proposals.

Equally, it will be intriguing to determine how the Internet search engines, such as Bing and Google, will react to the news as it is technically amazingly hard for the picture search algorithm to precisely ensure that all adult pictures can be mechanically blocked from prying eyes.

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