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A2 Hosting has been providing high-powered hosting for more than 15 years. Whether you're an expert in web development or you've never dabbled into building a website, the company is able to provide an array of web hosting solutions that are easy to use and tailor-made to address your various web hosting needs.

A2Hosting Logo

While most hosting companies provide the standard 24/7 customer support and the promise of fast and efficient servers, A2 Hosting takes it a notch higher by introducing three features unique only to their company:

Server Rewind - The Server Rewind feature is like your standard “Undo” button but instead of just undoing changes made to a text or image, it saves your account to help you restore any file, database or user account you may have accidentally removed. This is made possible since the feature takes regular snapshots of your files as back-up. It’s free to use and can be accessed quickly through the control panel.

CloudFlare - Loading time is vital for the success of any website. The faster a page loads, the quicker information is disseminated to your visitors leaving them engaged at all times. This is where CloudFlare comes in. This CDN has been designed to load your web content 200x faster compared to other CDNs in the market. It’s also known to store and load cached content quickly so you’re assured that your website will display all your content at once.

HackScan - You can never go wrong with having extra security in your hosting. Aside from the standard security system that comes with your hosting plan, A2 hosting also includes the HackScan feature. Acting as a firewall, it’s able to prevent unwanted attacks toward your website even before they occur giving you added security and peace of mind.

A2Hosting’s Hosting Plans

A2 Hosting offers a wide selection of high-powered web hosting plans designed for specific needs. If you’re looking to just host a personal website or you want to set-up your company’s website, A2 Hosting has a corresponding plan that will give you what you need to help you achieve that goal.

Shared Hosting

Perfect for those looking to set up their own web domain, the Shared Hosting plan is optimized for WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. It uses A2 Hosting’s Turbo servers which allow your website pages to load twenty times faster than your average hosting provider.

The Shared Hosting plan provides customers with three types of web hosting options:

  • Lite – The Lite solution is for customers looking to set up a single website. At £3.15 per month, customers can host one website with five databases. It also offers unlimited storage and file transfer, a free SSD speed boost and a money-back guarantee that can be claimed any time during the subscription period.
  • Swift – At £3.94 per month, the Swift option gives customers good value for their money by allowing them to create unlimited websites backed by unlimited databases, storage and transfer. It also comes with a free SSD speed boost and a money-back guarantee which can be availed of any time.
  • Turbo – Considered the fasted among all Shared Hosting solutions, the Turbo hosting option provides unlimited features but with one added benefit – A2 Hosting’s Turbo Server making it faster and more efficient. The Turbo option lets you set up unlimited websites with unlimited databases, transfers and storage. It also has a free SSD boost, a money-back guarantee and the A2 Site Accelerator for added speed. It will cost you £7.49.

Why we ranked A2Hosting as #2

A2 Hosting may be known for its hosting speed but its customer support doesn’t fall short in terms of quality service. Fast and efficient in terms of response time, A2 Hosting’s 24/7customer support is able to address all concerns and are willing to go out of their way to help you resolve any and all issues you may have.

VPS Hosting

For those looking for optimal speed and security, A2 Hosting’s VPS plan is for you. Designed to be developer friendly, this plan gives you the capabilities to customize your website’s overall functionality upon installation.

The VPS plan provides tree powerful options, each one with its own unique set of benefits:

  • Unmanaged – Starting at only £4.03 a month, the Unmanaged option allows full customization letting you create and configure your website from the ground up. The option provides Root Access to your system administrator along with the option to run your website on a Linux OS. It also comes with a 20 GB storage, 2 TB transfer capacity and 512 MB of RAM.
  • Managed – The Managed option lets A2 Hosting’s support team manage your website for you right from the start. At £26.56 a month, the option provides full Hostguard management that monitors your website for any hosting issues. The Managed option also comes with a free control panel, 75 GB of storage, a 2 TB file transfer capacity and 4 GB of RAM also FREE SSL and SSD.
  • Core VPS – Same like maneged, but with Root Access.

Dedicated Hosting

The Dedicated plan is designed to address the most intensive business needs. It gives you the ability to configure your web resources, provide complete isolation and lets you select your website’s management level.

The Dedicated Hosting plan comes with four options:

  • Semi Dedicated Server – At £7.49 a month, the Semi Dedicated plan provides customers with more control and isolation than your regular shared hosting plans. It comes with a free control panel and offers full Hostguard management support to ensure your website runs smoothly. The option also provides 75 GB of storage, 2 TB file transfer capacity and 4 GB of RAM.
  • Unmanaged Flex Server – For those looking to have their developers set up their website, the Unmanaged Flex Server provides full website and hosting customization. The option provides a root access and the ability to select the Linux OS you want to use. It also comes with 2x500 GB storage, 10 TB transfer capacity and 8GB of RAM. It will cost you £80.17.
  • Managed Flex Server – At £113.58 per month, the Managed Flex Server option provides full Hostguard support eliminating the hassle of managing your website and its hosting on your own. Aside from full manageability, the option comes with its own cPanel Control Panel, 2x500 GB storage, 10 TB transfer capacity and 8GB of RAM.
  • Core Flex Server – The same as Managed Flex Server, but with root access. The price is £113.58 per month.

Why we ranked A2Hosting as #2

All A2Hosting plans come with a cPanel Control Panel and Free SSL & SSD.

The A2 Hosting Control Panel

Simple and easy to use - that's what you can expect from A2 Hosting's Control Panel. Displaying only the A2 Hosting logo on a green background, the control panel provides a straightforward appearance which shows all the tools and you can use and applications you can run.

At a glance, the control panel provides you with marketing and promotional tools like MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Free Bing/Yahoo credits. It also gives you access to applications that you can integrate into your website like WordPress, Drupal, Pivik and Elgg.

Finally, it gives you a variety of SEO and marketing tools that can help you optimize your website and its content once it’s gone live.




  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • SSD drives for all plans
  • Perfect for basic websites, blogs & email hosting
  • Multiple Server Location
  • Very Fast Hosting Speed
  • cPanel and SSH Access
  • A2Hosting uses own web servers
  • Don't have datacenter in UK


  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Live Chat Support
  • Guides & FAQs
  • 24/7 Support Line
  • Email Support with 24-Hour Response Window
  • Ticket Support
  • We didn't find any


  • Very cheap for the provided services
  • Flexible plans
  • Server Migration Charges
  • Fluctuating Prices
  • Turbo Server Only Available to Turbo Users


Speed is A2 Hosting’s top priority and to ensure that its clients get to enjoy this, the company has set up a variety of hardware and software features to help boost their hosting speed. Its shared hosting plans run on a mix of 10GB networks, 12-core server, 64 GB of RAM and are bundled with CloudFlare CDN support giving them ample speed to process information. Turbo plan users on the other hand are also given access to the Railgun Optimizer feature that allows their web pages to load 140% faster.

Spread across Michigan, Amsterdam and Singapore, you won’t have to worry about audiences in these regions experiencing slow loading time when they visit your website. By spreading their servers, A2 Hosting ensures that their hosted websites will load faster and disseminate information more quickly.

Thanks to its reliable and stable servers, A2 Hosting is able to provide a maximum of 99.9% uptime ensuring that their hosted websites stay operational at all times. Instances of downtimes are quite rare and if it does occur, A2 Hosting’s 24/7 support team will be ready to get your website up and running in no time.

A2 Hosting is known for its Turbo Server feature which provides clients with a download time that’s twenty times faster than regular hosting servers. The problem here is that it is only available with Turbo plans. Since most of these are high-tier plans, basic and middle-tier hosting plan owners will not be able to avail of this, making them miss out on an improvement in server speed.

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  • Price: Starts from £3.95
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server down again and again
  · 5 years ago.
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do not trust in any way what they say about 99.9% Uptime the server go down all the time 1 time a week.... we was whit them for 2 years and we always had problems and they dont care at all of what you are loosing..... trust me and avoid this provider
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Super fast turbo services, Wordpress page optimizing upon request, and knowledgeable & fast support!!! A++++++
  · 5 years ago.
  • 10/10
  • 10/10
  • 10/10
  • 10/10
  • 10/10
    User Friendly
I've been using A2 Hosting as a Reseller with a Turbo Server and I've always found their speed and support to be the best I've come across in 30 years of hosting websites. Their servers are great at finding trojans and viruses. Their cpanel is robust and modern. and 24/7 support is fast, based in USA, and knowledgeable.
Secure, Fast Turbo Servers, Wordpress Page Optimizing upon request, Fast and Knowledgeable Customer Service.
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