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Customers won't hesitate to pay a premium just as long as they get the quality service they’re looking for. Easyspace may not come off as reasonably priced compared to the other web hosting companies out in the market. However, its wide range of innovative features, security and stellar customer support process make it a web hosting service worth the extra pay.

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Innovative and Secure Hosting Environment - Easyspace provides a hosting environment that’s backed by a variety of online features and tools to help you set-up your website’s hosting environment with ease while also allowing you to get the best value for your money. Each hosting environment comes with its own cloud storage which is stored in a private and secure network. The storage runs on separate physical database servers to deliver faster speed and performance. These databases are also equipped with multi-node clusters, SSD Caching & Varnish memory cache and can is Google mod_pagespeed enabled.

In terms of security, Easyspace’s hosting environment is customized to be DDos protected and is built to come with its own virus and malware scanning system. The virus scan is operational 24/7 and is capable of detecting most – if not all – viruses that are plaguing the web. These security measures help ensure that your website doesn’t crash in the event of any online attacks while also giving you round-the-clock protection from malicious viruses.

Easyspace Discount

Easyspace offers promotions where customers can get discounts for their features and services. These promo offers can be viewed through the company’s Easyspace Coupon page.

Supports Linux and Windows OS - some web hosting companies are just limited to using either Windows or Linux as their base operating system. They don’t have the capability to run both systems. That’s not the case with Easyspace.

Easyspace provides the option to use either Linux or Windows for your web hosting needs to make it easy to manage your website. This allows customers proficient in any one of these operating system to select and use the OS they’re familiar with.


Of course, each operating system has its own features pre-installed with them. Customers who select Linux will get MySQL databeses, PHP, Perl, phpMyAdmin and Python bundled into their web hosting package. Windows customers on the other hand will get ASP.NET v4, Microsoft Access, IIS 7.5 and the option to install MSSQL.

U.K. Based Data Centers - overall server performance and operations is something that Easyspace takes seriously which is why the company invested in setting up 10 data centers around the United Kingdom. Six of these data centres are own directly owned by Easyspace, which contribute to beefing up its hosting infrastructure while allowing the company to accommodate huge amount of data. This investment also improves Easyspace’s hosting reliability by minimising any downtime and other hosting issues.

Aside from reducing the chances of hosting issues, the multiple data centres spread around the United Kingdom gives webmasters the benefit of selecting one that’s near their area resulting in faster loading time.

These data centres are also managed and supported by Easyspace’s own team of engineers instead of a third party support team. As a result, they can easily assign on-site engineers to do maintenance work and look into any issues that may arise from the network or server.

UK Datacenters

Easyspace invested in setting up 10 data centers around the United Kingdom.

Quality Support Service - Easyspace knows the importance of providing customers with quality support service to address their inquiries and concerns. To ensure that its customers get the help they need, the company set up its own 4-step support process which offers the following:

  • System Status Update. This provides customers with the latest web hosting and maintenance updates from Easyspace. Whether the issue involves conducting routine system maintenance or patching up a hosting issue, you’ll be able to get an update on what exactly is going on.
  • Help Guides. Easyspace has its own knowledge base and self-help section that provides in-depth guides for walking you through its features and processes. These guides will help you gain a better understanding of how to use the company’s new online features while eliminating the need to wait in queue for a customer rep to take your call.
  • Help Desk Chat. For concerns that require more than just a simple walkthrough, Easyspace has an online chat feature supported by its U.K. customer support team ready to provide assistance 24/7. Just click on the chat icon and you’ll be able to talk to one of Easyspace’s customer service agent to raise your concern.
  • Contact Center. Easyspace also provides a contact centre which you can call for more pressing matters. While their customer support line isn’t available 24 hours, that doesn’t mean they won’t be able to take your call and help address whatever concerns you may have. Their office hours start from Mondays to Fridays with a schedule of 9:00 am to 5:30 pm.

Integration of Free Web Hosting Online Tools - Web hosting with Easyspace provides you with an array of online tools that you can integrate into your website to improve its overall functionality. The best part here is that you won’t be charged for using these and you get to enjoy exclusive promotions offered by these tools.

Here is a list of companies that have partnered with Easyspace and their equivalent promotional offer:

  • Google AdWords. Customers who avail of Easyspace’s web hosting service will be able to get free advertising vouchers from AdWords to help promote their business.
  • Mailing Manager. Signing up with Easyspace will get customers free credits from Mailing Manager that will enable them to send out email marketing messages to their customers.
  • WordPress. Easyspace’s partnership with WordPress gives you the tools to set up your blog or e-commerce store with just a click of a button helping you create your website within minutes.
  • Backup & Restore. This online tool offers a free trial run of its product for Easyspace customers to give them an idea of how efficient they are in protecting your database and web space.
  • Open Exchange. Opening a web hosting account with Easyspace gives you the opportunity to try OpenExchange to help you manage your shared information including calendar events, documents and other tasks.

Multiple Payment Options - Easyspace supports a wide range of customers, some of which are based overseas. For those clients living abroad, not all payment methods usually used by those residing in the United Kingdom are available. This is why Easyspace has set up multiple payment options to make it easier for overseas customers to settle their bills.

Easyspace allows customers to pay their bills using two currencies – dollars or pounds. It also accepts all types of major credit cards including American Express, Delta, Maestro, MasterCard, Switch, Solo and Visa. This multitude of payment options is Easyspace’s way of providing convenience to their customers.



  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Unlimited bandwidth. Applicable to all of Easyspace web hosting plans, this ensures that your website will load faster and stay up and running for your customers.
  • Free domain name. Eliminates the hassle of having to pay extra to have a domain name created and registered
  • 10 Datacentres
  • Free Setup; Transfer
  • Unlimited Traffic, Emails, DBs
  • The servers are too slow compared to the top web hosting companies


  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • A knowledgebase with help guides
  • Live online chat
  • Contact center
  • We didn't find any


  • Flexible plans
  • Can be purchased monthly
  • 7-day money back guarantee. Easyspace’s 7-day money back guarantee may be a bit short compared to what you mostly see being offered by other companies. However, if within this period you are not completely satisfied with the service you got, Easyspace will refund all hosting fees you’ve shelled out.

The Easyspace Control Panel

Unlike other web hosting companies that rely on just one type of control panel, Easyspace provides its customers with different variations giving them the opportunity to select the system they’re comfortable in using. This makes it easier for them to manage their websites since they’re able to run it with a system they’re accustomed to using.

Control panels currently being offered by Easyspace include the popular cPanel system, VMware and Plesk. These system allow customers to have full control and manageability of their website, include the ability to manage account information, set-up emails, configure your hosting, and establish domains just to name a few. Should customers require additional hosting tools, Easyspace will be able to provide them with what they need for an equivalent fee.


Finally the Easyspace control panel offers a one-click installer that will allow you to set-up your system. The systems covered by this unique feature include WordPress, Joomla, b2evolution and Drupal. Unlike what you see from other hosting companies that require you to go through complex navigations just to set-up these services, Easyspace’s one-click installer will enable you to configure your website as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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