Cheap isn’t one of the qualities web hosting services are known for but the folks at would like to disprove that notion. Recognized by the UK as one of the top budget web hosting companies, has provided affordable web hosting solutions to both entry-level and professionals to help them create their own websites and establish their online presence without the hassle doing any actual coding. Logo

Free for the First Year - has made a name for itself by offering what most web hosting companies wouldn’t dare to do – free web hosting for one year. By signing up for its Starter package, you’ll be able to have your very own website. The package consists of one domain name along with 15GB of storage, a single database, SSL for improved online security and 512 MB of RAM.

While the Starter plan may not allow your website to have a huge chunk of dynamic content, it’s capable of hosting a blog or a simple static website making it a good plan for entry-level website owners and small businesses.

While you won’t be paying for any hosting or subscription fees for this, does charge its standard set-up fee of £10.80 but only for the first year. Succeeding years will not require you to pay any set-up fee even if you decide to renew your membership with the web hosting company.’s Other Hosting Plans Even though its Starter Plan might already come off as a steal,’s other web hosting plans can up the ante by providing more features and solutions while still keeping costs at a minimum:

  • Professional – At £1.94 a month,’s Professional package was built for those looking to have a wide range of interactive and dynamic content integrated into their website. Since this type of content will require space and speed to load, the package offers 1 GB RAM and 100 GB of storage to house your website’s files. Offering the use of a single domain,’s Professional package also comes with multiple databases, SSH, enhanced SSL and a 2 x CPU to speed up your website’s functions and processes.
  • Professional Plus – Considered a big brother to’s Professional hosting plan, the Professional Plus package offers tools and features that are suitable for those looking to set up their own WordPress blog. With a monthly rate of £2.69 a month, the Professional Plus plan gives you 200 GB of storage, 2 GB of RAM, the use of multiple domains and numerous databases. To complete the package, also provides improved SSL and SSH feature as well as 4x CPU. With these tools, not only do you get the ability to create a WordPress blog, you’re also given the necessary components to sustain it as well.
  • Business – Considered’s most advanced hosting package, the Business Plan is suited for companies looking to set up large and complex websites. Priced at £4.64 a month, this plan gives you a huge 500 GB of storage for your files, multiple domains, multiple databases, 4GB of RAM, 8x CPU, SSH and tight security through its SSL.

Setting up Shop - Once a plan has been selected, the next step is to decide the type of website to be created. offers three different types that customers can build, with each one having a unique set of tools to help set them up:

In the control panel they have the option to auto update Joomla and WordPress, and the more updated your CMS is, the lesser the risk to get malicious access to it. To have a secured website, you need to have a secured server!

Why we ranked as #4 has provided affordable web hosting solutions to both entry-level and professionals.

    • Hosted Site - The basic among all set-up options, a hosted site can be anything from a corporate website to a personal one. has made the creation process simple and easy to understand by having its different features tiled on the screen and through its drag-and-drop interface. The top left section shows how much disk space you can work with along with an option on the right to get more free space. Creation of your website can be done even by someone who’s not familiar with coding since’s website builder provides access to 45 pre-designed and four blank web templates. Once you’ve selected a template to use, you can start creating your web pages using’s advanced content editor. The content editor also provides a variety of online tools which can be integrated into your website including setting up a gallery section, embedding of YouTube videos, adding social media links, uploading images and creating tables.
    • WordPress Blog Through its 1-click WordPress set-up feature, WordPress blog users can now have their blogs hosted and maintained by The WordPress’ 1-click option will launch the setup wizard where clients will be able to create their username and password. After providing the necessary information, you’ll be able to integrate your WordPress blog and have it hosted through Aside from the ease of setting one up, the 1-click WordPress feature also provides the following tools – customizable web templates, a content management feature with user-friendly CMS tools, a wide range of plugins, various WordPress mobile apps, and social media integration.
    • Online Store For businesses looking to capitalize on having their online store, provides the option to build one through the manual integration of an e-commerce content management systems. Uploading an e-commerce content system must be done since doesn’t provide its e-commerce tool. It only allows clients to combine other online shop platforms to create their own stores. Setting one up isn’t as easy as it looks though since you’ll be required to upload the entire e-commerce package to your website via FTP and then making the changes using the CMS’ set-up wizard.

Built-In Website Builder - stresses the fact that you can build your website with them without knowing how to code. This is made possible through their website builder. It offers a straightforward and user-friendly interface where you just insert images and type in content after selecting your preferred web template. It’s that fast and that easy.

Cost-Effective Plans –’s web hosting plans are cheaper compared to other hosting plans making it easy for almost anyone to sign up for one. Plus despite their low prices, doesn’t scrimp on features, so you still get the right resources you need to get a website up and to run the right way.

Fast Hosting Uptime – While you’d expect to provide very poor uptime due to their low prices, surprisingly delivers fast uptime, with a success rate of more than 99%. As a result, you’re assured that your website would stay up and running the entire time.

Flexibility in Plan Upgrade – Some web hosting companies have a tendency to make you stick with your existing plan. That’s not the case with The company lets you start with a basic plan and then allows you to upgrade to a newer one should you need to at a later time./p>

Why we ranked as #4

All plans come with a free site builder, so you don't need to mess with coding or programming languages to design your site.

A Look at’s Website Builder Panel takes pride in the fact that their website builder panel doesn’t require users to do any coding to get a website up and running. To make this work, the company designed the panel in such a way that everything a user needs is readily on display.

Simple and straightforward, all the tools are placed in boxes complete with images and a short description so you’ll know what each one does. While some may feel that the tools available are limited compared to what other web hosting companies have to offer, it’s this simplicity that makes popular to customers because they don’t have to worry about figuring things out or having to go in-depth and understand what each tool does.

Customers can start things off with the Web Editor tool where they can choose from the 45 pre-designed web templates that they can use for their website. It offers a drag-and-drop interface making it easy to add text, insert images and even embed videos. The editor feature also comes with a mobile view feature so you get to see what your website will look like once it’s viewed on a mobile device. Putting in custom HTML codes and JavaScript is also allowed giving developers more leeway in building their websites.

Another tool offered by the control panel is its very own File Manager feature which allows you to upload and store the files you need for your website. Files can be uploaded individually similar to how you would upload files in WordPress or other content management systems. also offers its own cloud storage in the form of its Bix tool. Customers just have to sign up for free and they’ll be able to upload and share their files for downloading by other people.




  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • SSD drives for all plans
  • Perfect for basic websites, blogs & email hosting
  • User Apps Autoupdates
  • has 3 data centres
  • cPanel & SSH Access
  • has a close collaboration with HP, IBM and Dell who supply all servers for their data centres
  • has the right to suspend an account if traffic to that website is affecting the other customer websites. The reasoning behind this is that the bandwidth taken up by the high traffic can affect the performance of the other websites. The downside here is that you won’t know if you’re website is nearing suspension since doesn’t provide a set bandwidth limit that you should stick to.


  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Guides & FAQ
  • 24/7 European support line
  • 24/7 Chat Support
  • Email Support with 24-Hour Response Window
  • We didn't find any


  • It is cheap, really cheap
  • Flexible plans
  • Can be purchased monthly
  • While gives customers a money-back guarantee, it’s not that long compared to other web hosting companies. The company’s guarantee lasts for only 15 days along with the requirement to settle any set-up fees the moment you decide to close your account.

Backend Review

Here, we provide you some pictures of the's backend (custom panel). It is very simple, one the first login, a popup appears and you can choose between email and website creation. In the panel, you can do a lot of stuffs, like:

  • Mail Administration
  • Activate virus and spam filter - When activated,'s virus and spam filter analyzes incoming messages to identify if they are spam or not, and checks if they contain a virus or could be harmful in any way.
  • Use the Website Builder
  • Create a Webshop - using's tools - The shop is free for 14 days. You should upgrade your subscription at the end of your trial period, for 10.00 Pounds a month.
  • Manage your Files
  • View Website Stats
  • Manage Backups and Restors
  • Manage your DNS, PHP & MySQL, Domain Privacy, Disk Usage, SSL and etc.

Back to the Basics with

While it may not be as prolific regarding tools and features, does provide a straightforward and easy to understand the system that makes website building quick and hassle-free at very reasonable prices. With its basic web building panel and cost-effective plans, anyone can have a site online in no time.

Web Host Performance Test Results

The first and probably most important tool is Ping test:

Ping allows you to to test the reachability of a host and to measure the round-trip time for messages sent from the originating host to a destination computer.

Check-host results show fast ping from the UK - 20ms Test Results

Pingdom test for speed performance from their Amsterdam server.

As you can see, the tested website, which is fully functional for years, loaded 76% faster than the other tested sites with 83/100 performance grade.

The loading time of the website was 1.80s. Test Results

A stress test from LoadImpact helps determine the capability of handling a certain amount of users (load) on your website. The goal is to see how your website will perform when subjected to both an expected and stressful amount of load.

Even with 25 users browsing through our website, the load time is equal (2.5s) to all of them.

Those are some very good indications.

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